Lisa Lisa and the Book Jam

The thought of not being able to eat or drink for months on end is disturbing enough. But in the case of Jon Reiner, this predicament of taking “nothing by mouth” is the only solution his doctors come up with when his Crohn's disease almost kills him.

This book, growing from a critically acclaimed article of the same name, winningly probes multiple questions as Reiner navigates the medical systems and emotional systems (the strain on his family is devastating) that are trying to cure him. A thought-provoking and powerfully-written memoir for anyone interested in food (it is amazing how good food seems to one who can only smell it), health care, and/or memoir, James Beard Foundation Award winner Reiner uses his unique path through chronic illness and chronic unemployment to dissect his life with penetrating honesty and humor. I hope his lessons stay with me and make me grateful for my current good health, my jobs, and my ability to eat for a long time to come.

"Reiner dissects his life with penetrating honesty and humor."