Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Disabilities

Let me tell you -- Jon Reiner's The Man Who Couldn't Eat is genius.  Reiner is a wonderful writer whose ability to describe his own experiences makes for a beautiful read.

And as his own journey unfolds, it almost becomes like reading a mystery novel, with suspense that makes you want to turn the page.  But most of all, it made me think about how much better those of us who not only accept our illness, but find a way to incorporate it into our lives, like Jon has done with this book, and like I did with Advocacy for Patients, are happier and, I think, maybe even healthier for it.  If you have IBD, this is a must read -- but really, whatever your chronic illness, Jon's book carries an essential lesson.  Our lives are made unpredictable by chronic illness.  Embrace it -- or bang your head against a permanent brick wall.  What a great book.

"A great book."