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“The Man Who Couldn’t Eat,” Esquire"

"The Time Doris Lessing Thrashed Me," Esquire

"The Modern Writing-School Paradox," The Atlantic

"Live First, Write Later," The Atlantic

"Your Self-Driving-Car Manual," The New York Times

"The Smartness Act of 2015," The New York Times

"Unworking Girl," The New York Times

"Lost Parent Alert," The Huffington Post

"Christmas Converts," The Huffington Post

"Chris Christie: Superfan," The Huffington Post

"Corporations Are People," The Huffington Post

"Making Gatsby Great," The Daily Beast

"Portlibria," ​The Daily Beast

"Three Books: Gentlemen Jocks," NPR

"My Guilty Pleasure: 'Hellraisers,'" NPR

"What We Talk About When We Talk About Food," 

"Up to Camp," Down East

"Snow Diving at Chirstmas," Down East

"Six Rooms, Ocean View," Down East

“The Swimmer,” Down East

"Immortality and the T2000," Slice

"Zuckerman Found," Creative Nonfictiion"

"The Hillary Chronicles," The Weeklings

"Apcot," MADFeed

"Memory of Taste," Fool

"Comfort at the End of the World," Graze

"Outward Bound," San Francisco Book Review

"Gotcha!" The Satirist

"Let's Talk About Guns," The Satirist

"Many Happy Returns," Medium

"Who You Calling A Dog?" Kveller

"The Accidental Memoirist," 100 Memoirs

"The Face of Protest," Occupy Writers

"Thanksgiving Guests," Girlichef

"Throw Your Body Upon the Gears," West Side Spirit

"You Can't Eat the Sand," I'd Rather Be At The Beach

"Getting Real," The New Yorker
It may be just a letter, but, hey, it's The New Yorker.

"Adaptation," The New Yorker
It may be just a letter, but, hey, it’s still The New Yorker.